The Murfreesboro Police Department has acquired a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle from the Department of Defense through the Tennessee Department of General Services Property Utilization Division, Law Enforcement Support Office. The MRAP was acquired at no cost to the City of Murfreesboro (other than standard maintenance and transportation costs from Fort Campbell, KY).

After serving the US Army in the War on Terrorism, this armored vehicle will now have a post-war life and will continue to “protect and serve” by providing the department’s Special Operations Unit (SOU) with advanced ballistic protection during high-risk situations. The vehicle is capable of providing ballistic protection for SOU officers during transport, deployment and tactical operations where hostile, life-threatening gunfire from an armed suspect poses a danger to officers or innocent citizens.

Chief of Police Glenn Chrisman stated: “Law enforcement must be prepared for situations where they may face a deadly threat from an armed gunman. This piece of equipment will help protect officers who risk their lives to protect others, as well as innocent citizens who may be endangered by hostile gunfire. We appreciate the Department of Defense and their willingness to help protect Tennessee law enforcement officers and the communities in which they serve.”

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  1. Michael Hill

    Regarding the mosque/Muslim comments above, it is likely that these MRAPs and other military toys will be used against those who protest the mosque and the Muslim presence in your town. That is the reality of the situation we have today.

  2. Nanci

    ” This piece of equipment will help protect officers who risk their lives to protect others, as well as innocent citizens who may be endangered by hostile gunfire.”….How many “innocent citizens” can get inside? This is propaganda. Tell the people something is for their protection and the buy it. Rick and Ray are correct. Information for truth is easily available if you just look for it. Reliable friends have seen long convoys of foreign troops on interstates both in the north west and south. If we can’t see what’s happening, we will be asking “what happened?” Trust but verify. About fifteen years ago I had a dream that haunts me still. I was stopped at Main and Broad by troops under martial law, and told to return home and stay there. I don’t want my dream to come true. Police fund raisers call asking for money for bullet proof vests for the department. We buy their vests? Who is protecting who? They can’t protect anyone if it gets so bad as to need one of these vehicles and how many more will” they” “need”? Anytime you get something for free from the gov’t, it comes with a high price. What will this cost, really? What price liberty? Keep your powder dry.

  3. joe.public

    The sheriff has one too. I thought they were supposed to share it with other agencies but I guess that isn’t happening. Everyone needs their toys. At least the city didn’t spend any money on this unlike our spendthrift sheriff. Serve and protect will now also include overrun in the motto

  4. John Montgomery

    This is totally irresponsible!…Did the city stop to think about how much this vehicle will cost tax payers to maintain and support. The reason they got this vehicle for free is because the Army knows that it costs more to maintain this vehicle than it is worth.

    Not only will the unique parts for this vehicle be expensive and extremely hard to come by; who in Murfreesboro will be qualified to perform maintenance and reparis on it? The city will have to “outsource” the required maintenance at a hefty cost.

    A little bit about me….I’m an Infantry Company XO, currently deployed on a FOB in Shah Wali Kot AFG. I have 18 MATVs and 6 MAXXPROs that I use everyday. These vehicles have constant maintenance issues.

    My question is this thought….Where is the RPG Cage?

  5. Mike

    So the Murfreesboro PD needed a armored vehicle that has a turning radius greater than a semi, poor driver visibility, I can just see all the accidents this thing will cause and the money that the city will have to pay out.

  6. TVCS

    The upkeep on that vehicle will be astronomical…this is what these government agents and bureaucrats don’t understand…all law enforcement is now becoming entitled statists.

  7. Jacob Bogle

    This is beyond stupid. Granted, this comes from the same people who think red light cameras are a success when you are (by their OWN numbers) 10 times more likely to get into a crash at a photo enforced intersection than at one without cameras.

  8. Ray

    This may not have cost the City one penny but if they read the fine print, the cost is apparent. The Federal government will expect the Murfreesboro support against the people should it be required. This is how our government is turning small town governments against the people.

  9. Rick

    This is happening all over the country. This was not a good move by the MPD given some of the things Obama is trying to pull right now. I’m no conspiracy theorist but there are a lot of strange things going on around the US.. Fully armed soldiers patrolling quiet suburban neighborhoods, FEMA storing hundreds of thousands plastic coffins in GA, FEMA camps etc. It’s definitely thought provoking for sure. Most of this stuff is yanked from mainstream media so you have to do your own research and decide for yourself.

  10. Jeff

    Pathetic leadership of our city. We need a get rid of our anti personal rights Democrat Mayor. The militarization of the police should not be tolerated. This thing will take a fortune keep up. At least now they can execute no knock warrants to make sure nobody gets a way with smoking a joint. The sheriff might want to borrow it for DUI checkpoints. Chrisman needs to go also. Anybody that supports this type of preparation for fighting the citizens is worthless.

  11. Sharon Maxwell

    I can easily foresee some ill-informed department head authorizing the ‘misuse’ of such a dangerous vehicle. Looks like a fabulous doomsday tool, though.
    It will be a sad day, the day this vehicle is employed for ‘department use.’

  12. Jared W

    Hey Glenn, the vehicle may protect against ‘armed gunman’ but it also protects against mines?! Why is such a vehicle necessary for MPD to own/operate? Are we expecting insurgents in Murfreesboro in the near future?

    • Ron not in Murfreesboro thankfully

      The insurgents in the Boro will be your police acting under the direction of FEMA and Homeland Security should they choose to cooperate. The militarization of local police forces is happening all across the country. Why? Ask Obama and the operatives of the new world order.

  13. Daveman

    Can someone from the MPD please give me ONE scenario where this could have been used to “protect” or “serve” in the last 5 years?

    • Jennifer

      In the distant past (this Monday) there was a bomb threat in the downtown area. As a former MTSU student I’m aware of several bomb threats that have been made on campus (one just last summer), luckily all have been false alarms. On my commute to work on Monday the current special operations unit vehicle drive past, looking like it could barely take a gun shot, let alone the blast of a bomb, but these men were bravely rushing towards the unknown and potential danger to protect the community. This tank given to our city was FREE as a vital tool for keeping our first responders safe, not to oppress the “free thinkers.” Until a brigade of righteous, noble citizens would like to volunteer to inspect a suspect package in a less offensive way by simply opening it up, throwing rocks at it, or poking it with a stick it seems that the FREE ballistic resistant tank would be the best option. There are brave men and women that selflessly protect and serve the community they deserve our support.


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