Bullet pierces through Murfreesboro family’s home on Easter Sunday

A mother shared a terrifying story of shots being fired into her apartment, a frightening end to a day of Easter celebration.

It’s just the latest shots fired call for Murfreesboro police. The mother is thankful none of her children were hit by bullets.

Easter Sunday got off to a great start for Sequoia Moore and her family.

“We went to church. Afterward, we had like a little fun festival for the children,” she told News 2.

But after returning home from work that night, she’ll never forget happened.

“I was in my apartment for about seven to 10 minutes, and then we heard gunfire,” Moore said. “I got the kids and got them into the bathroom.”

Someone started spraying bullets in the parking lot of the Ashwood III Apartments.

“It was like pow, pow, pow, pow,” Moore said. A bullet pierced her living room window and lodged into the ceiling.

It was a terrifying feeling for any parent, especially since her children normal sit on the sofa where the bullet entered.

“It was a breach of my safety, a breach of my security,” the mother said. “I didn’t sleep any that night.”

Over the past few months, Murfreesboro police have responded to dozens of shots fired calls and reckless endangerment calls where bullets hit a target.
Murfreesboro police told News 2 there is usually an increase of shots fired calls during warmer weather. They also say it’s a priority for the department to investigate them and prosecute those responsible for the crime.Back in December, a mother, her daughter, and daughter-in-law were almost hit by bullets when some shot up her home as they put up the Christmas tree.

“Shots fired and reckless endangerment crimes are difficult to investigate for several reasons,” said police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans. “First, there are usually few witnesses that come forward with helpful information. Second, many of the firearms used are stolen, so even if a ballistic match is made; the last known owner has reported it stolen.”

Moore is hoping her family never experiences this again.

“It was kind of nerve-racking and uncommon for this to be happening,” she told News 2.

If you were out that night and saw anything that could be helpful to detective, you are urged to call Murfreesboro police at 615-893-1311.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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