Beef-a-Roo Franchise Coming to Murfreesboro

Next Brands is thrilled to announce the awarding of a new franchise of Beef-a-Roo in Murfreesboro, marking the debut of the Midwestern favorite in Tennessee. This expansion represents a significant milestone for Beef-a-Roo, as the Midwestern favorite introduces its beloved dining experience to the Volunteer State and extends its reach into the South.

Spearheading the Murfreesboro franchise is a franchisee hailing from Rockford, the birthplace of Beef-a-Roo. Having grown up with Beef-a-Roo, the franchisee possesses a deep-rooted understanding and fondness for the beloved Midwestern brand. This personal connection fuels their passion to share a piece of their hometown flavor with the Tennessee community.

Beef-a-Roo Rendering

“At Next Brands, we’re passionate about fostering growth and innovation in the food industry,” said Austin Capoferi, President of Next Brands. “Our partnership with Beef-a-Roo represents a shared vision for excellence and expansion, and the opening of the brand’s first Tennessee location in Murfreesboro is a testament to our commitment to bringing high-quality dining experiences to new markets across the country.”

Beef-a-Roo’s entry into the Tennessee market is an integral step in the brand’s national expansion strategy. Introducing the popular burger franchise to the Volunteer State demonstrates the brand’s adaptability and appeal to a diverse customer base, particularly in Tennessee’s rapidly growing and competitive culinary scene.

Beef-a-Roo is renowned for its diverse menu, offering a variety of quality choices at an affordable price. The upcoming Murfreesboro location will maintain this tradition, providing a welcoming atmosphere for families, friends, and food enthusiasts. Details regarding the grand opening of the Murfreesboro Beef-a-Roo will be announced soon.

As Beef-a-Roo, under the leadership of Next Brands, continues its franchise expansion throughout 2024 and beyond, it remains focused on its mission to offer a memorable dining experience that goes beyond just delicious food. At Beef-a-Roo, it’s about building communities, one burger at a time.

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