Very good boy! Dog Rescues Adorable Baby Deer from Drowning

Good boy, Storm! A dog on Long Island has quickly become a celebrity after he was caught on camera saving a baby deer apparently drowning off the shore of Long Island.

In the video the dog, named Storm, can be seen swimming out towards a small deer fawn struggling in the water. As Storm’s owner shouts encouragement, Storm grabs the deer by the neck and swims it back to shore.

The deer stumbles a few feet and then lies down. Storm crouches next to the fawn, obviously concerned. He prods the deer with his nose and paws, to make sure it’s still alive.

Apparently, the deer tried to go back in the water several times before ultimately being rescued and taken in by the Strong Island Animal Rescue League.

Three cheers for Storm! Take a nap and enjoy some treats, buddy. You deserve it.


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