Overall Creek Receives STEAM Redesignation

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) announced Overall Creek Elementary and fourteen additional schools have received their STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) redesignation.

Overall Creek Receives STEAM Redesignation
Overall Creek STEAM leadership team

“Overall Creek was one of the first elementary schools in the state to receive the STEM designation in May, 2018. This redesignation shows their commitment to an ongoing STEAM based culture,” says Dr. Trey Duke, Director of Murfreesboro City Schools. “They have led the way for many schools across Tennessee to embrace STEAM in their classrooms.”

Overall Creek reached the five year mark for implementing and sustaining STEAM education and achieved the redesignation under the leadership of Principal Jenny Ortiz and Assistant Principals Jennifer Whitlow and Jessica Snell. This honor recognizes schools for preparing students for postsecondary and future career success by committing to promote STEM/STEAM.

“STEAM is embedded in our instruction at Overall Creek,” says Ortiz. “Thousands of students and families have walked the halls over the last five years to witness the myriad of deliberate and purposeful STEAM projects that highlight the everyday learning that is taking place at our school. Thank you to our staff and our community partners for helping achieve this success.”

Murfreesboro City Schools has nine schools with the STEM/STEAM designation including Overall Creek, Erma Siegel, Bradley, Reeves-Rogers, Cason Lane, Discovery, Black Fox, Hobgood and Salem.

“Our MCS five-year strategic plan calls for all schools to receive STEM or STEAM designation,” says Dr. Trey Duke, Director of Schools. “This is a proven approach to teaching and I’m proud that we are embracing, not just the acronym, but the practice of hands-on instruction as a model for success across our district.”

STEM/STEAM education is an interdisciplinary curriculum in which activities in one class complement those in other classes. Additionally, it offers teaching and learning opportunities focused on inquiry, technology, and project-based learning activity and lessons connected to the real world.

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