Sheriff’s Office and Inmate Workers Rescue Kittens

Inmate workers were mowing the grass at Rutherford County Sheriff’s office when they spotted an “orange fluff ball in the green field,” said Deputy Chelsea Quinn.

“Upon closer inspection they discovered a calico kitten all by his lonesome self,” Quinn said. “After some investigation, the inmate workers found four more kittens under a bush with no mom in sight.”

Deputy James Morton, who supervises the workers, remembered Quinn fostered the litter they found last year and called her.

Quinn, who was not at work that day, located True Rescue Animal Shelter in Mt. Juliet, a rescue group who could bottle feed the five 2-week-old kittens.

When Quinn returned to work with a cat carrier ready to rescue the kittens, she and the inmate workers could only find three kittens. She and the inmate workers found a calico kitten stuck in a pile of debris. They kept searching until they located a black kitten hidden in a tire full of water.

True Rescue Animal Shelter reported all five kittens were adopted.

This is the second litter of cats Quinn saved. They are believed the offspring of a white kitten with orange spots who apparently lives near the Sheriff’s Office.

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