Shopper Shoots at Burglary Suspects at Busy Murfreesboro Mall

Murfreesboro police were investigating a shooting at The Avenue Mall in Murfreesboro Saturday.

Around 11:30 a.m., officers say they responded to a shooting at the Medical Center Parkway mall.

Police say two men were seen stealing from Victoria’s Secret by a private citizen who was armed with a handgun.

That individual reportedly confronted the burglary suspects outside of the store.

Courtesy: WKRN viewer photo

According to police, those suspects jumped in to a get-a-way car that was driven by a female accomplice.

As they fled the parking lot, police say the individual who had confronted the suspects, shot one round at the car.

Two other vehicles in the parking lot were hit by the suspect’s car as it left the lot.

It was not known if the vehicle or anyone inside it was struck by the bullet.

Police describe the suspect car as a silver Nissan Sentra with a temporary license tag.

No other details about the suspects or burglary were released.

Courtesy of Nashville’s WKRN News 2 – by WKRN web staff – shopper shoots at burglary suspects at busy Murfreesboro mall

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  1. I hope the moron who shot them has charges pressed against them. You only pull your gun when your life or the life of another is being threatened.

  2. So the citizen shoots at a moving car in a public place. These people were stealing underwear from a store. How was the shooter threatened by this? Like most people with a pistol, he cannot hit anything. What if he had hit a child at the avenue with an errant shot?

  3. Thank you for posting. We used to rely on the DNJ for local news but I don’t think they have an adequate number of reporters for a city the size of the Boro.

  4. Seems odd that men would steal from Victoria Secret?? They didn’t threaten harm to anyone with a weapon so the person that shot at them is probably going to be in big trouble. Just saying.

  5. Every one says threaten like that gives you the right to shoot. You can only shoot if you are in fear for your life or someone else’s.

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