Man sentenced to year in jail after beating teen

A Rutherford County man will spend a year in jail followed by six years of probation after he beat another teen.

The incident, which occurred in January 2016, was captured on video.

News 2 spoke with both the victim’s family and the family of Mickal Ladd, who carried out the attack.

Clutching his mother’s hand, the victim in the brutal beating listened as Ladd admitted what he did was wrong.

“I would like to start by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry to Sebastian, he didn’t deserve this. I’m sorry to Sebastian’s family. I know they are hurt by what happened.”

The victim’s mother couldn’t hold back the tears, knowing the person who hurt her son was trying to justify it.

“Before the fight Sebastian threatened me. I knew he practiced marital arts and I didn’t want him to get the first hit on me. When I was on top of him, I shouldn’t have stopped, but my adrenaline and fear got the best of me,” explained Ladd.

The video of the incident is difficult to watch.

Ladd beats, kicks, and even whips the victim with his own belt as he got off the bus. He claims he went after Sebastian over a girl.

“I’ve been always taught to respect women and stand up for them. Sebastian said some terrible about a girl I cared for.”

Ladd also admitted to having anger and substance abuse problems and says he needs help.

“Just like my substance abuse problems, my anger has forced me to make decisions I made every day. If I’m not locked away in a jail cell, I will be able to spend time in Buffalo Valley Treatment ensuring I will never hurt anyone again, like I hurt Sebastian.”

John Bodle, the victim’s father, wasn’t buying it.

“I will not say we live in fear because I don’t want to give him that pleasure. We live in a constant tension because we believe he will, given the opportunity, will come back at us.”

He testified saying this past year has been difficult for his family. His wife quit her job to help home school their son, who is a former Riverdale High School student.

“I think, not only our family, but the community will be in danger if Mickal Ladd is let out. He needs time to think about what he has done, and the only safe place for him to do that thinking is in jail.

Ladd was 18 months old when Christian Geist took him in as his own. He told the court Ladd has changed his behavior, got a new circle of friends, and a job. He asked the court to give probation rather than jail time.

“He’s sorry for everything he’s done, for everything he put everybody through and he needs some help. I applaud him for that, and I will support him 100 percent.”

Judge David Bragg considered all the evidence and sentenced Ladd to a six-year sentence, with one year to serve.

After court was over, Geist’s wife, Chloe, caused a commotion in the hallway, calling the victim a thug. She was then escorted out of the courthouse.

After Ladd gets out of jail in a year, he will be on probation for six years.

If he violates his conditions, the judge could require him to serve part or all of the remaining six years.

Courtesy of WKRN Nashville’s News 2

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