’s Favorites List

People write in to us all the time asking for recommendations on a particular topic or questions such as “what’s your favorite sushi restaurant in town?”  We get so many of these emails that we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite businesses and places around Murfreesboro.  Places on this list could be on here for a number of reasons such as great customer service, amazing food, they provide a one-of-a-kind service, etc., etc.  Any business or place could be on this list, not just restaurants or retail stores.  We might even travel a bit outside of Murfreesboro into Nashville and Middle, TN in some cases here.

Remember, these places are based on our own personal experiences and opinions, so take them as you please.  We will be continually updating this list all the time as we go around town.  Check back often for updates.

Also, if you know of a place you think we should go visit to add to this list, please drop us a line and let us know all about it.  Thanks everyone!