Central Magnet School has been Caught Green Handed

Central Magnet School has been Caught Green Handed!

Rutherford County Central Magnet School students who recycle may receive prizes for their efforts under the “Caught Green Handed” initiative sponsored by Operation: Rutherford Recycles and the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

Caught Green Handed” seeks to bring attention to recycling in Rutherford County Schools since the Middle Point Landfill has an impending closure. The closure will affect Rutherford County businesses, residents, and students.

Rutherford County Solid Waste Director Mac Nolen said, “We want to help students understand the importance recycling so that, when the landfill closes, all of us are ready to change the way we dispose of our trash. Our recycling rates are nowhere near where they should be. Rutherford County has around a 17% recycling rate when we should be closer to 25-30%.”

Central Magnet School students may get “Caught Green Handed” from March 13th to April 7th during school and receive a business sponsored prize. In order to be “Caught Green Handed,” students must be “caught” recycling correctly or being environmentally friendly at their school.

The initiative is sponsored by 3 different Rutherford County businesses. Each business has donated prizes to hand-out to students who get caught. More than 60 students will be awarded throughout the one-month initiative. The Artful Doughnut, Lanes Trains and Automobiles, and McDonald’s on Memorial Blvd. have each sponsored prizes to give out during the initiative.

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