Oaklands Mansion Hosts Clue Party

Its a Fresh Take on the Classic Board Game and the Greatest WHODUNIT Costume Party in Murfreesboro! Join in for a zany night of mystery and suspense as Oaklands Mansion recreates CLUE (the movie) in the perfect setting of all: the beautiful Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro.

Was it Mrs. White in the Ballroom with candlestick? Professor Plum in the library with revolver? Or Yvette the maid, in the kitchen with the dagger? There will be a murder for you to solve, just like the board game, and if you guess correctly, you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes! Plus, the night will feature a costume contest with cash prizes for the best take on the CLUE character you love most.

~VIP Guests will get an extra hour to roam the mansion and interview the characters
~All guests can buy a clue
~More story and more clues = more chances to get it right! Everyone who gets it right will be entered to win prizes!
~More to come!

Profits will be split between the Oaklands Mansion and Murfreesboro Cold Patrol, a local non-profit that works with the homeless here in Murfreesboro. Join us for a fun night of murder, mystery and mayhem!

Tickets will be on sale in late August.

October 19th 6-9pm

Oaklands Mansion

For more information click HERE

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Clarissa Miles

Contact me at clarissa@murfreesboro.com

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