Pick Personalized Gifts This Season – They Mean More

Christmas brings with it the promise of varied and wonderful gifts. While many of these gift-giving opportunities are given over to high-tech gadgets, crazy kids’ toys and must-have books and movies, personalized gifts are definitely making a big impact. According to consultants Technavio, personalized gift sales rise 9% yearly.

A gadget may have a long lasting impact on the recipient, but a personalized gift is heartfelt. Murfreesboro has a unique blend of iconic history, art and culture. A gift inspired by the city will live long in the memory of the recipient.

Saying hello with photos

A photograph is often one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give. That could be of yourself, if you hold a particularly close relationship with someone, or a beloved pet. It can even be of something the recipient likes, or a hobby; one study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, found the most successful gifts reflect on the recipient. Something like a photo collage can help to hedge your bets, by providing a wide range of subjects. In Murfreesboro, there are so many opportunities to find a bespoke piece; for example, Appletons Creative Framers on North Spring Street can hand-craft the perfect frame and advise on making it look good.

Turning to engraving

Engraving is another way to put a personal mark on almost anything and can be accomplished across the city, including at B&B and the Ironside Arms. While the base item should probably be something useful, or pleasant – think a bracelet, glassware, or chopping board – it really can go on anything. Sometimes putting an engraving on something that might seem strange to an outsider is the perfect reflection of your relationship.

Creating something new entirely

If you know your family or friend very well, you also have the option of creating an entirely new object or design for them. Take a Coat of Arms, for example, the concept of which gained national interest when Meghan Markle received her own set. Paying for one to be developed for the family could be a completely unique and interesting, heartfelt gift. Even something as simple as having a monogram devised by an embroiderer, such as 4 Horse Designs online service, could have a long-lasting positive effect.

This season, consider turning your hand to personalized gifts. Whether it’s photographs, a simple engraving, or a standard for the family to bear, you’ll make a long lasting impression. In Murfreesboro, there are so many excellent independent businesses that you’ll have an easy time finding something suitable.

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