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RCFR Offers TN ‘Yellow Dot’ program to the public

Rutherford County Fire Rescue is excited to announce that we are now a distributor for the TN ‘Yellow Dot’ Program!

The ‘Yellow Dot’ Program is designed to provide first responders with individual’s medical information in the event of an emergency. A Yellow Dot sticker on the rear window of a vehicle lets first responders know they can find that information inside the glove compartment. In an accident, medical personnel can make the best decision regarding emergency treatment when they are aware of medical conditions, medications or medical allergies. That bright yellow sticker could save your life especially in the ‘golden hour’ after a motor vehicle accident when medical attention is critical for increasing chances of survival.

How does it work? Stop by Rutherford County Fire Rescue Station 51 at 27985 Barfield Road in Murfreesboro, to pick up your Yellow Dot sticker and folder. Complete the medical information sheet listing emergency contact information, medications, medical conditions, etc. and attach a recent photo – then place this in the yellow folder. Place the folder in your glove compartment and attach the Yellow Dot decal on the left side of your car’s rear window. The Yellow Dot alerts first responders to look in your glove compartment for your emergency medical information.

Yellow Dot on car

Many people are allergic to certain medications, have a medical condition like diabetes, or are taking medications such as blood thinners – all of which can make a difference in your emergency treatment. Rutherford County Fire Rescue is committed to the safety of our residents; we are proud to offer the ‘Yellow Dot’ medical information folder and sticker – please give us a call at 615-867-4626 or stop by today!

Yellow Dot program info

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