Crime Drops in La Vergne

Though calls for service are up, the crime rate itself has dropped in La Vergne this year. LPD

Chief Mike Walker says, “When we look at our reported crimes for the first six months of the calendar

year (Jan-Jun 2016 vs 2017), crimes are down 38.9%! This is a decrease of 992 reported crimes.“ At this

point in 2016, La Vergne’s crimes against persons were at 781 — that number has dropped significantly

to 441 so far in 2017. So why has crime dropped, while calls for service have increased? "Calls for

service" include any request for an Officer, as well as any Officer-initiated call. Incident reports are not

always crime related. “I am very proud to see the decrease in crime. We strive on a daily basis to make

this city safer,” said Chief Walker. He credits the decrease to aggressive and targeted patrols, data-

driven patrols, and the hard working men and women on his team.” He also credits watchful citizens

who are “always alerting police when they see something suspicious.” Recently, the Board of Mayor and

Aldermen approved the budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, which included an additional 3 new police

officer positions. If you are interested in joining La Vergne Police Department, go to the city's website at

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