Latest rash of car break-ins reported in quiet Murfreesboro neighborhood

Residents in a quiet neighborhood in Murfreesboro, where not much ever happens, are on edge after more than a half dozen vehicles were broken into.

Thefts from vehicles are increasing all over the city.

More than two dozen people became victims, this past week alone.

Each day like clockwork, Janie Blackburn pulls into her garage and closes the door.

Blackburn was surprised Wednesday morning when a neighbor knocked on her door.

“My neighbor Michelle is at the door and she has my billfold in her hand,” she said.

Her wallet was supposed to be in her purse that she left in car, inside the garage.

“My garage door is up, my car door is open, all the shelves in the garage were open,” Blackburn said.

Someone had broken into and ransacked her car, looking for anything of value.

“They took money out of my billfold,” she said. “They took credit cards, some gift cards that I got for Christmas.”

Blackburn wasn’t alone. At least six of her neighbors on Scottish Drive in the Scottish Glen Subdivision had their vehicles broken into as well.

The suspects stole a gun, two iPad minis, but mostly cash.

A car parked at a house on Rucker Road at the entrance of the subdivision was also broken into.

“And we find out that almost everybody here had their cars broken into,” Blackburn said.

It’s a surprise to her since this is a quiet neighborhood.

Janie Blackburn said her car was ransacked. Several of her neighbor’s cars were broken into too.

“Nothing happens in this neighborhood, it’s a great neighborhood, and I have great neighbors,” Blackburn said. “It’s a safe place; it’s in a small cul-de-sac.”

Since Monday of last week, there have been about 26 car burglaries in Murfreesboro.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime in Tennessee Report, there were 677 thefts from vehicles in Murfreesboro in 2014, and 727 in 2015.

The numbers for last year are not available yet.

Blackburn said since there is only one way in to the subdivision, the suspects had no business being there.

She said they should consider getting a job rather than steal from innocent people.

“It’s a lot easier to go to work, and even if you make minimum wage, at least you’ve done an honest day’s work,” Blackburn said.

Police have assured neighbors that they will be patrolling the area, especially at night, just in case the suspects decide to return.

Murfreesboro police told News 2, they encourage residents to “Park Smart” and never leave anything of value inside your vehicles, especially in plain sight. Drivers should also always lock their doors.

Courtesy of WKRN Nashville’s News 2

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