After being previously turned away, inner city kids go to Murfreesboro water park for free

After a group of inner city kids were turned away from a Murfreesboro water park earlier this week, the city let them come back for free Friday.

Earlier this week employees at Boro Beach in Murfreesboro said they turned the group of kids away because they didn’t make a reservation.

However, the summer camp director, Pastor Marcus Campbell, said he wondered if it was because of their race.

“On the way back home the kids just cried all the way back home to Nashville,” Campbell said. “They were very sad we couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get in. Some of the kids were saying it might be because of how they look. Sometimes certain things happen. I’m just glad they made it up to the kids.”

In addition to going to Boro Beach for free, the children also received a free lunch.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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  1. If it had been a group of “white” kids being turned away for not having a reservation, I wonder if they would have been given a free day at Boro Beach and a free lunch? Why does everything have to be about race. A little common sense would tell you a large group would need to make prior arrangements!

  2. Maybe Pastor Campbell could have thought “maybe we should have had a reservation” instead of immediately blaming it on race. We so need to quit being so touchy.

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