White supremacist flyers found at Rutherford County government buildings

A day after the tragic shootout in Virginia at the congressional softball practice, white supremacist flyers were found on several government office buildings in Rutherford County.

The flyer reads, “This land is ours! Vanguard America” and lists the blood and soil website.

One of the flyers was left at the building that houses the Rutherford County Clerk and the assessor of property office.

The historic county courthouse also had a flyer posted on the door.

A mass email with a copy of the flyer was sent to all assessors of property employees to be on the look-out for anyone or anything suspicious.“With the recent events that happened in Washington D.C. it just brings to mind the vulnerability of public employees and public servants. We have had training in the office over the last two to three years about how to best handle yourself in an active shooting situation,” Assessor of Property Rob Mitchell told News 2.

No actual threats have been made.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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